Build a Product Landing Page- Problem With User Story #5

user story #5 is reporting this error for your page:

AssertionError: The .nav-link with href="#Pricing" is not linked to a corresponding element on the page : expected null to not equal null

when I check your pen I see this:

      <iframe id="video" type="video" src="" </div>
      <div id="Pricing">Pricing Here</div>

You need to fix or remove the <iframe> element because it is missing a > and has other problems.

That is, because your html is not valid due to the bad iframe element, the test fails to find the pricing div.
To confirm what I’m saying, simply delete the iframe line and retest and it will pass.
(but basically you need to write valid html before testing)

Great, thank you! It works now I’ve fixed it. Is there a page in the curriculum that goes through adding videos?

i believe there is, but for the projects, it is best to just look at the sample project provided to you and learn from that directly.