Build a Product Landing Page Step 5 User Story #5: When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page

The links direct you to the parts of the page but it is still not passing. Ive gone through a few time to make sure the ID’s match, no weird spaces, etc. But Im not getting anywhere.

Here’s the code :

Hi there, i’ve checked your code and it seems working quite well based on instruction #5. The thing is I couldn’t find the “corresponding title” in the body . Maybe you can write down your title (element h1) with related id ( for example “product-demo”) such as “Product Demo”, “About Us”, and “Contact Us”. Once you gave the title, it will become more clear. Hopefully it works!

Do you mean like changing the elements with the current id’s that the nav bar is referencing?

In the main section, you can place property 'id' right inside opening tag h1 element. For example:

<h1 id="product-demo"> Product Demo </h1>
/*you can add description here*/

<h1 id="about-us"> About Us </h1>
/*you can add description here*/

<h1 id="contact-us"> Contact Us </h1>
/*you can add description here*/

Okay, I updated the html to have the id’s in the h tags, but it’s still failing :frowning:

Can you try below adjustments and see how it goes?

  1. You forget to input closing tag </ol> inside nav element.
  2. For destination section, use element <section> instead of <div>. So it will be <section id="demo-section">

Still nothing, good catch on the ol. Still giving me a hard time on the nav bar however.

can you give me the full screenshot of failed pass notification, what did it say? :slightly_smiling_face: maybe i can get another insight

This is all I could fit unfortunately.

hmmm, i think this element doesnt need class <ol class="nav-link"> just write <ol>

SOLVED! You are the best!!!

OMG. Glad it worked for you! I still hate this kind of minor error tho :dizzy_face:

Yeah, the description was a little subpar, but hey we got there! Thanks a ton.

You are most welcome buddy.