Build a Product Landing Page - US#5 Where's the mistake ?!

Hey everyone !

Currently working on “Build a Product Landing Page”, I only have UserStory#5 left to fix ! (Okay, technically, I’d need to add some CSS for it to look good) BUT I can’t find what’s wrong with the Bookmark thing. I’ve been reading several topics on the same question, but I can’t figure out what’s missing… could someone help me ? That’d be really cool.


EDIT: Also, even though I passed US#14 (add a media query), mine just doesn’t work. Did a small test with some sample text on another file, worked just fine. Something must be missing here too!

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I got it…
You’ve defined nav-link class for li in #nav-bar
You should have class nav-link on the anchor tag itself…
That’s what user story is saying…

Each .nav-link should have href attribute

Your .nav-link elements are list items and technically they don’t have href attribute

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Damn it, you’re right ! Oh my, such a silly tiny mistake :upside_down_face:
Thank you so much !!! :smile:

Ah, and if anyone has an idea in regards of that media query… I’ll keep trying to figure meanwhile. Otherwise, everything else is good.

EDIT: Watched a video, figured out the media query had to be below the initial CSS propriety :grin: