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Does anyone know if the beta FCC is having issues? I went to the usual link, “” after taking several days off and got a 404 error. I removed the “en” which got me to the page to submit my email address. I then received and entered the verification code and now my completed lessons are not showing as completed. Upon completing the Product Landing Page project, I submitted the Codepen link and FCC advanced to the next project. I then logged off, cleared cookies, went back in and noticed that the Product Landing Page project is not completed; for some reason it’s like Ground Hog Day all over again. Any ideas or enlightenment?


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beta fcc is down for everyone right now

Is there another thread that I should be following to stay up to date?

stay up to date on what?

@deedee The problem with the beta being down.

thats a good question. Idk. The fcc heads have not addressed it

I think that the team is getting ready to roll out the changes. If that’s the case then beta testing is over and you’ll have all the new lessons at