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this test case fails for me, When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.’ how do i resolve it?
and my email label is at top, under navigation bar and is not visible how to make it visible?
Please help me and thanks in advance.

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Your link and your Id should be the same like this:
href="#Login&Signup" and id=“Login&Signup

Note: There should be no space in your id, and while linking the section and the id, it should be the same character without space.

Hope this was helpful.

Yeah i changed it, but it is still the same.

You are missing a double quote on the right side of id="Login&Signup. Once you fix that, you need to remove the spaces in your other section elements’ id attribute values and make sure they have identical case.

I changed it but, it is still the same.

You did not change anything. You are still missing a double quote after id="Login & Signup.

Also, you have not removed the space or have the same case for your About Us section.

I scrolled through many times but i did not notice that…
yeah, it worked thanks.