Build a Random Quote Machine[Berlin]

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can someone please help me out here? i need to know what i’m not doing right and what else i need to do espectially the jquery aspect… below is a link to my codepen…

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where is the quotes object you are referring to from your javascript?


Well, there’s that. Also, you don’t bring in the jQuery library, so you’re not really going to succeed at using $. You’ll want to add that to the Javascript pane of ‘Pen Settings’.

thanks, was really helpful

Looking much better, getting close! I think your most difficult hurdles have been addressed – I thought you might get hung up on the whole forismatic CORS issue, but it seems you handled that beautifully.

Well done, shout if you have more questions.

haha… thanks a whole bunch. yeah, i don’t really know how to use the on load event attribute so it loads a quote immediately the page comes up, mind helping me with the syntax and how to use it?

don’t bother anymore, i’ve been able to do it… thanks