Build a random quote machine: freeCodeCamp doesn't submits my working project with all its tests passing. Please, help

Hi. I just finished a random quote machine project on, it passed all 12 tests. When I put an weblink to this project into appropriate field for submitting, I haven’t any feedback from learning system. Was my work submitted or not? I can’t understand. Help me please to resolve this issue.

This is URL to my Random Quote Machine project:

Welcome, SerhiiV.

Could you be more specific as to what the problem is? What feedback are you looking for? The only feedback you should get comes from you running the tests within CodePen.

On the webpage when any learning task is completed I can see a “tick” mark near appropriate list item which says to me that I passed a test.

It looks like this (I hope you can see the image)

But in case with Random Quote Machine I can’t see any marks on the page which will be evidence of passing this particular learning task.
I inserted URL to my codepen solution with all test passed, pressed the button “I’ve completed this challenge” but nothing happens…

Could you please hit submit again, open your browser console, and copy any errors that appear?

Surely. Now I’m backing to the webpage and refreshing it.

  1. I’m opening a web console and see following messages already:
  • progress updates processed where possible app-094f1795c942e8d8d08b.js:1:29764
  • Content Security Policy: Директива «frame-src» устарела. Пожалуйста, вместо неё используйте директиву «child-src». (“frame-src” directive is outdated. Please, use “child-src” instead)
  1. Next, I inserting an URL into “Solution” field and pressing “I’ve completed this challenge” button. Nothing happens. There is no additional entries in the browser console.

Can you try it in Chrome? You might also try logging out and clearing the cache and cookies, then log back in and try again.

BTW, what version of Firefox are you using? I don’t remember the console looking like that on later versions (maybe it’s just a setting).

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Oh, it seems I figured out a cause of problem: there is a Windows XP on my home PC on which I working currenty. And, of course, both Firefox and Chrome are far from latest versions. Also I tryed in the Chrome on my home PC: a feature not working too.
I attempted to submit my project URL on the browser on another computer with Windows 10 and latest browsers versions installed and … it works!

It seems I have no chance to submit my projects from WinXP… But anyway thanks a lot for responding to my problem.