Build a Random Quote Machine - Help

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I have completed the project on Visual Code but that same is not running on Code Pen.
How do I implement that project in Visual Code ? Which external files do I have to add there?

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I think you are talking about codepen’s settings, you have to select the jquery for javascript and bootstrap for css.

It’s still not working, I want to make that project in React js , so what libraries do i need to add their ? Do you have any idea about that?

then maybe you should add react?

I have already added that.

Why don’t you host your project on github pages? Codepen frequently messes up my projects too. Just push your local repo, set for pages afterwards and don’t forget to include that javascript that checks your code before pushing repo.

Hi ,
I am trying this chalenge in React using VS Code

The unit test link
does not work .
Any hints?

Place it in html section of codepen, like this hhh

Am I able to work on the Frontend Libraries projects on my own machine or do I have to do it on codepen ?