Build a Random Quote Machine--Tweet share problem

I am to the part where I need to tweet the current quote and author. I cannot find a way to share the current quote and author. Using the twitter/intent/tweet link opens the twitter composer page but is blank. How do I prepopulate the composer page with the current quote and author? Or I can use JSON to provide a url. How would I include that so it would populate the composer page with the correct url? I would prefer to have it the composer populated with the quote and author.

Just add the quote and quote author to the url like this to the href attribute of the tweet button.

              href: tweeturl + "'" + quoteStored + "' - " +quoteAuthor,
              target: "_blank"

I really just wanted the url protocol not a snippet. I haven’t decided whether I will use a href HTML tag or JS function to pass it yet. ex.{value},{value}.

For prepoulating the Twitter composer page with content, you have to add the content at the end of url. By the way I didn’t fully understand your problem.