Build a Random Quote Machine , Twitter

Hello , I am a bit confused as to what to do in the twitter part of the project. I do not use twitter (I know…) so I have no idea how sending a quote to twitter business is supposed to play out. Can someone explain exactly what is going on and what is supposed to happen?

Look closely at how the example FCC quote machine is doing it. I don’t use Twitter either but was able to figure it out (hint: it’s just formatting a query string on a URL).

How were you able to check if your answer was correct without logging into twitter, It says that I passed 12/12 tests?

I wasn’t, but I followed the formatting of the query string on the URL exactly like the FCC demo so I am assuming it works correctly. If you post the URL to your project I’ll be happy to take a look at it.

the link goes nowhere but yeah it passes apparently.

I guess the important thing is that it passes the FCC tests. But if you look at the URL in the FCC demo project you will see that it has added the quote and author in the query string. That’s what you would want to do with yours.

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