Build a Recipe Box

Instead of a recipe box I would like to build a crochet stitch pattern index box. I crochet and have lots of stitches I am trying to get written down in one location so can organize and find them easily. Right now I search through 6 notebooks, 3 notebook folders, 2 composition books, and the list goes on to crochet magazines, stitch books. So doing My Crochet Stitch Index instead of a recipe would be helpful, Would this meet the challenge requirements,
Name, Multiples, instructions and I’ll probably include a completed project for reference, i.e just finishing a shawl for Mom in a pineapple stitch using LB Mandala # 3 yarn and H hook, 5 loop pineapple, 11 row pineapple, increase on row 7, etc.

Definitely! Your project sounds like it’ll be more complex, and it meets all the requirements.

Once ended will you share it with us? It really seems very interesting!

Thank You,
Sounds complex but really isn’t, want it to be so can add to it as I locate stitches etc going forward or finding a stitch pattern I want to use (like today).

Yes, I’ll share but will be awhile, as have Mom’s Shawl to finish – about 8 or 9 rows I think, will be starting a queen size afghan think 60 x 80 but have time but will need to do some every day.

Do you use ravelry? You could also have your app connect to ravelry.