Build a responsive webpage. Tribute Challenge

I am having a very hard time with the tribute challenge ad all of the ’ id’ this and ‘id’ that. And I cant seem to get my downloaded image to link to the page, or get anything to work. Coding is so frustrating. Grrrrrr. Any help would be appreciated.

img {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
<head> </head>
<main id="main">
<div id= "main" >
<h1 id="title" > Elvis Presley The Legend </h1>
 <div  id= "img-div" id="image" >
 <img src="Images/Elvis.jpg" alt=" Picture of Elvis" id="image"
 id="image-caption" id="tribute-info">
 <a id="tribute-link target=_blank">

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Your project is going to have to be hosted somewhere where a live preview of it can be seen so you don’t want to download an image.
There are probably one or two images of Elvis to be found on the web.

  1. find one you want
  2. right click on it
  3. click “copy image address” and use that as your image source (img src=)

On a side note, the id attribute can be used only one time in each element. You have elements holding multiple id attributes.

It’s also a lot easier to help if you’d point to your actual code using codepen,, etc

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