Build a Survey Form 1

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please give me feedback on this page

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Hey @priyanka-bhalla,
You have tried well.
But, here are things you can improve:
1) The text on your page is hardly visible due to your background colour. Try changing that.
2) You have written label “phone no.” and then asking for age.
Good try though.
All the best.

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hows it is now please let me know

thanks for helping
Its means alot

Nicely done.

Few things to improve.

  1. Make the fonts readable & consistent.
  2. Highlight your labels so, user can easily determine what is the question.
  3. Structure your labels & inputs. Meaning, your labels should be on one side & input boxes should be on other side so it’s easy for user.

Keep it up.

I like the new background colour.
Works well for me .
Better than your previous one.
Well done.