Build a Survey Form (action required in codepen)

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Hello! I’m working on the 2nd responsive web design project which is the first one dealing with forms. Anyway, I did an html analyze on codepen and it returned a notification that i am missing the “action” paramter on my tag. Just within the context of the exercise, do I need to fill this in? if yes, is there some kind of place holder of sorts as I am really not passing anything in the exercise, just building the form.

The codepen inspector warning goes: * The ‘action’ attribute is required for elements.

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action isn’t necessary on form elements, hasn’t been so for a long time. It is important if you have something set up that processes the form (like a script on a server somewhere that takes the data and does something with it), but if you haven’t, it isn’t important. It’s just a warning, you can ignore it.

Hi Dan, you’re right. Thanks! After using codepen for a while I’ve realized there are other negligible warnings.

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