Build a Survey Form-Aligning Labels

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Hello Everyone,

I am very new to coding and I am struggling with the second project of the Survey Form. My code will past the test however I am trying to make my page look better. I can not figure out how to align my page in orderly way. I would like my labels aligned to the left and my inputs aligned to the right. Currently everything is in the center. I tried using the table tag however I was unsuccessful. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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Go head and paste a link to your code via codepen.

This is the best alignment I have been able to achieve so far. Im really struggling with aligning my page using CSS.

Thanks for any and all help!

Few things you can do here.

Give your uls


Try giving some paddings your #survey-form container top and bottom.
change cursor of mouse when it hovers on submit button. give it some padding as well.

good luck!

Thank you! I will put these suggestions to use right away!