Build a Survey Form download

So i can’t find the download bottom in jsfiddle


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Link to the challenge:

What are you trying to download? You can copy and paste this code into local files or another website such as CodePen if you need to as well.

Neither can we.
Notice how that is a satisfactory response to your statement yet it does you no good?

So try and understand that when you have a question you need to use your words. Typing in something cryptic does you no good nor the people that are willing to help you. The title “Build a Survey Form download” doesn’t convey anything. I know the project you’re working on is called " Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Survey Form" so I’m not sure how ‘download’ relates.
All you say in your cryptic entry is you “can’t find the download bottom [sic] in jsfiddle”. Neither can we.

To help us help you, please tell us what you’re trying to do. What you’ve tried and what the results were. What you searched for in Google to help you try and resolve it.

no there is a place in jsfiddle called download bottom, like a
Bikini bottom. and has nothing to do with a typo.
in codepen it lets me put my code in my computer, so I was there to do it in jsfiddle. That is all I don’t understand why things have to be hard.

I’m really confused now because your original post says “i can’t find the download bottom in jsfiddle” and your response now tells me “there is a place in jsfiddle called download bottom”.

I wasn’t aware of a download bottom in codepen but I Googled ‘jsfiddle download bottom’ and got hits. Is that what you did? Do they not answer your question?

I guess I’ll defer and let others respond that are familiar with what you’re doing…or want to do.