Build a Survey Form - Feedback appretiated

Hi all,

I would really appretiate your feedback on my project “Build a Survey Form”. Here is the link:

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Good job! I like the design. Now few things, I want to recommend

  1. Inboxes on Personal Info. Your inboxes start at wherever text ends. Maybe use flex or float to have them start at a certain line so they all align together.
  2. Checkbox on Gender. Move them to a new line.
  3. Tab on season. Unindent the tab.
  4. More details textarea. Increase the size the textarea.
  5. Submit button. Increase the size on change it’s color on mouse hover.

Good luck! Let us know if you get stuck

Nice survey form!

You might want to check the following observation. When I picked a selection e.g. Denmark at

"Which are your favorite countries for holiday?

Please write where you like spending your holiday:"

I could not change it afterwards. Then I saw it was a datalist so I had to retype the new location. Maybe a select would be more intuitive. Or select multiple locations with checkboxes. Just my opinion!

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: I did the changes you recommended and I think it´s better. :wink:

The only issue which I can´t find out is no 3. - Tab on season. I tried to put margin:0 to both ul and li, but none of them helped. Can you give me advice, how to move it to the left, please?

Thank you once more!!! :wink: :slight_smile:

My idea was that you can type any country you want, but at the same moment if you want to write one of the examples, it´s quicker to choose it. I can´t do a select for all the countries, so checkboxes/select won´t do the same job for my intention. :wink: Anyway - thank you for your opinion! :wink:

You welcome :slight_smile:
Just give your ul padding:0;

I had an incorrect identifier there, that´s why even the padding:0 didn´t work at first! Now I corrected it - thank you very much!!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Yes that is right. If you had many countries, the datalist is way better.