Build a Survey Form - Feedback for a brand new coder please

Hi Everyone!

This is my first post. I just started my coding journey last week. This is my first project, that I heavily scaffolded for myself using the previous task before the project. Knowing what write for the code on both html and css is not intuitive for me yet, so I was looking back and forth a lot from the previous task to this one.

It seems like most people share their projects using CodePen, so I figured out how to set that up too!

I created the form about people trying to transition to a career in coding like me.

I would love any feedback you have to offer. Thanks so much for your time.

  • Validate your HTML.

  • I would add resize: vertical to the textarea element so the user can’t resize the element horizontally.

  • Add cursor: pointer to the submit button.

  • The padding on the body in combination with the width: 100% is causing an overflow. Set box-sizing: border-box on everything (* selector) or remove the width.

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;
  • You should not need to set a width or height on the body but if you want a height use min-height.

  • The padding on the body in combination with the width: 90vw on the form will cause an overflow at some point as well. I would suggest you move the title and description elements inside the form element and remove the left/right padding from the body. The width on the form will make sure the elements inside it never touch the edge, in effect acting the same as left/right padding on the body.

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Thank you so much lasjorg! That was really helpful. Your tips helped me learn several things that weren’t part of the FCC curriculum up that point like the * for everything.

When I dumped my html into the validator I had 38 errors! :joy: :flushed:

But mistakes help you learn. It seemed overwhelming at first but they ended up being simple errors like missing closing tag or using a dash instead of an equals. Most of my mistakes are frequently typos. :tired_face:

I appreciate the time you spent giving me feedback.

That will keep happening, but you will get better and better at finding and correcting such mistakes. Using a good code editor with a few extensions can help a lot as well.

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