Build a Survey Form-(No Javascript!)

Hey guys! Some of the instructions are confusing me on this.

For the ForkMe to pass, we need 2 validations. One for emails and one for some kind of number. The instructions say to avoid using javascript, but I can’t seem to figure out how we would do that without using a javascript function since HTML and CSS are simply mark up languages. I have barely started the javascript section so I’m confused as to wether or not the curriculum expects me to learn javascript and come back or if there is something baked into HTML/CSS that I’m not aware of for this.


Thanks! That’s just the quick fix I was hoping for!

When I searched validation in the FCC lesson curriculum it took me to some javascript algorithms for confirming phone numbers. Same thing when I went to W3 schools.

Use the following:

<input type="email" required="true">

Javascript validation is more advanced. It lets you check things like uppercase/lowercase and whether the user is a bot or not.