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I am building the Survey Form Test. The second item asks for:
“User Story #2:** I can see a short explanation with id="description" in P sized text.”

I read all the posts and it has to do with the P tag. I tried the CSS p{} and it did not work. So I tried to change it in HTML. That does not work either. Please help! Can you please rephrase the question into something that makes sense?

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 <!-- This section deals with the form header -->
    <div id="main">
    <h1 id="title">Survey Form</h1>
    <div id="description">
      <p style = "font-size:1em"> Getting to Know You </p>

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“P sized text” refers to the fact that the browser will assign a size to each type of text. H1 will be biggest, h2 will be another size, p will be another size, etc.
So you should not have to use any CSS to make “Getting to Know You” appear in “p sized text”… it just needs to be a < p > element that includes the id “description”.
Does that make sense?


Yes! Thank you! Once I removed the <div> element and assigned the id to the <p> element it passed the test. Once again thanks!


No problem! Good luck on the rest of the web design projects :slight_smile:

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