Build a Survey Form: Point 3 "Use JavaScript"

So bullet point 3 on the Responsive Web Design Project, build a Survey form is problematic in that it list JavaScript as one of the technologies that should be used in the building of this form even though:

  • JavaScript isn’t really needed to make a form, this specific form or fulfill any of the required User Stories.

  • What would the JavaScript even do? (specific requirements specify HTML5 Validation, not JS validation)

  • JavaScript isn’t used in the example provided

  • JavaScript hasn’t been taught to students, AT ALL, up to this point.

Link to the challenge:

You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to complete this project.

“Can”. Not “have to”.

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Damn, I need to slow down when I read!

Thanks man.

Generally good advice to give yourself once a day while you’re learning. :smiley:

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