Build a Technical Documentation Page... Just confused

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Hi @decemberman
If you look at the user steps, it helps to know what you need.
#1: wants to see a main container with an id=“main-doc” and it should have the page’s main content, or title.
#2: Within the #main-doc container from #1, you should have at least 5 sections - each with a class=“main-section”.
#3 and #4: Inside each .main-section, the first thing should be a header tag with an id= to the topic of that section, and the text matching the id.
#5 - 7: Inside the .main-section elements should be a total of at least 10 p tags (paragraphs), at least 5 code tags and at least 5 li tags (list/bullets).

If you continue breaking down the user stories, it will help make it easier to see what is expected.

Happy Coding…

I will look at it now thank you

Great! Let me know how it goes.