Build a Technical Documentation Page Project Questions, Discussions, and Resources (January 2018 Cohort)


Here’s the January 2018 fCC cohort information and schedule.

This topic is for members of the January 2018 fCC cohort to share information, review, and give feedback for the beta curriculum technical documentation page project. Click on the cohort link if you’d like to join.

Reply below with your questions, comments, and additional resources regarding the Technical Documentation Page Projecct.

DEADLINE: 2018-03-18 23:59 PST (2018-03-19 06:59 UTC)



  • Please plan to complete your project before the deadline so there is plenty of time for others to submit a review.

  • When you’re ready to submit your project for review, create a new topic for your project and add it to the list below.

  • :star: Please REVIEW AT LEAST 2 PROJECTS using the checklist below. :star:

  • Bookmark this topic and make sure you’re “watching” the topic so you can participate in the discussion.



(Source: Codecademy)

  1. Does this project adhere to best coding practices? Is it well formatted and tidy?

  2. Is the HTML structure convoluted and unnecessarily nested? Are container elements used in a way that enhance overall page structure? In other words, does the student effectively use container elements to create a coherent structure without venturing into divitis territory?

  3. Does the stylesheet make good use of the cascade and classes to avoid redundancy in the CSS?

  4. Can the CSS or HTML be simplified?

  5. Are selectors too long (say greater than three elements) and does the student try to keep CSS specificity low?

  6. Are the relative paths correct?

  7. Are semantic tags being used correctly? Are deprecated tags being used?

  8. Are concise but descriptive alt attributes being used?

  9. Are semantic class names being used?


Note: You can edit this post, like a wiki, to help keep things organized and add resources and other information you want to share with others.

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I added my project’s post to the projects list in the first post. Thanks in advance for your review and feedback.


I think it’s a good start but needs work for narrower screens. Also some design can enhance it a lot.