Build a Technical Documentation Page Test Problem

Hello, I just finished my technical documentation page, and so far i think i acomplished everything that was asked in a task, but when i run a test it shows me 13/16

This is my webpage so far:
https:// codepen. io/zarkotim/full/BvOoZz

When you run the tests, click on red test button. It will tell you want you need to fix.

You have some code issues. Good thing is that codepen will analyze that for you.

Now for the test suite:

1. <div id="main-doc"> should be <main id="main-doc> 4.the test is case sensitive make sure they match exactly except for underscores on spaces

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  • because you have the list item nested inside the nav link it is throwing the test off. nest your nav link inside the list item or better yet get rid of the list all together you don’t need it.

    this should have you passing

    Happy coding

    Thanks for the tip. This helped me to pass al the tests. :grinning: