Build a Technical Documentation Page - User Story #4

Hello, fellow learners!

I am doing project #4 (Technical Documentation page). My goal is to make a copy of CSS Layout page. Of course, mine is unorganized and tasteless yet.

But I can not fulfill User Story #4, I have tried different things, like giving each header an id in each section or vice-versa. You can check out entire codepen. I know it is plain right now, haven’t finished writing CSS part yet.

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge:

You’re missing special chars in your ids (e.g. :, ;)

Where should I put chars?

<section class = "main-section" id = "position:_relative;">
    <header><h1>position: relative;</h1></header>

Note, that after that you’ll also have to adjust href in nav links.

I have carefully tried it couple of times. It won’t solve the issue.

You also have a typo in on of the ids

Example with fixes:

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Thank you so much jenovs!