Build a Tribute Page anyone can point me in the way

Well this is what i got so far i just wrote all the way threw now i have to go back a fix it and organize get images to work so on can anyone help me where do i start ugh…

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Firstly, you have too many different fonts and colours.
Secondly, to make it readable, put in some margins left and right of the page.
Wikipedia should have some images you can use.

Welcome to free code camp :slightly_smiling_face:

Notice that you can’t get an image from a Google search results URL. If you did get the image URL correct, do you have permission to link to someone else’s server? Here’s a link to a page with an image your allowed to reuse from their server.
The image’s URL can be found there plus more than one size.

Why use strong so much? Every time a screen reader gets to a <strong> it will say those words with a strong emphasis. That could be annoying. If you only want bold type use font-weight: bold;

HTML Inspector warnings:

  • target is not a valid attribute of the <img> element.
  • The <middle> element is not a valid HTML element.
  • The <middle> element is not a valid HTML element.
  • target is not a valid attribute of the <img> element.
  • The<font-family:"script;">element is not a valid HTML element.

Check for missing semicolons in the CSS

Check your tag spelling. You spelled “strong” three ways.

Give the biggest areas of the page some layout eg. header, main, footer, nav.

img can be given a trial height, width and border to save a space until you get a picture.

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After thinking about your code, did you intend something like this?

yes you hit it on the nose i guess i look at what you did i read what you said about using strong and how it would be inoring i will go over and see and teach learn myself… thank you

NOW I got to figure that out but yes exactly what i was trying to do im gonna try a again see if i can figure it…

how can i see your code to anylze it