Build a Tribute Page / Carl Sagan

Hello, I’m Tanju.

I build a tribute page for Carl Sagan. This is my first project for which I would love to get some feedback on.

What should I change?
What should I fix?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Tanju, very nice page and interesting subject.
I recommend you make the text slightly narrower to clear Sagan’s hair. The first 4 lines in the first paragraph are partially obscured by his hair (black text on black hair).


Hey Tony, thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers! :v:

It looks great on mobile but I don’t see a pic. Don’t know if that is a problem.

Looks great. I like the font and colors you used.

The quote looka good. Don’t know if adding quotations and his name at the end of it can bring home the point that thise are his words.

I’m on Android (S6, 6.0.1, Chrome) and also don’t see an image.

This looks great! Only thing I’d work on it is when the page is condensed, the text overlays Carl’s face and makes it hard to read… maybe put the text in a transparent well?

I love it!! very simple and beautiful… agree with above about the hair and dark text. but nice job!