Build a Tribute Page Feedback! please

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Could anyone provide feedback to my tribute-page please?

Also, I am not passing one of the tests about images not being responsive even though they are. Could someone help that as well?

Thank you.

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Your code seems to be failing 16 out of 17 unit tests. You can see what the errors are by clicking on the red button “Tests 1/17”.

From a design perspective, I like the shape of the cards you are using with the singers on them. I think the text describing each singer can have a bit more pizzaz to show off the subject matter though, it’s a bit too plain right now.
Also I would move the title “BTS” to a better location so it is not hiding the face of the singers and maybe use the catchphrase “This is BTS” which I see used on the images of the group. (this would tie the elements together stylistically).

Hi @shimphillip , I had the same issue. This is what I did:

  1. I removed the background image (CSS) and added it directly in the HTML code.
  2. I put the image inside the id=“img-div”
  3. I gave the #img-div a width: 100%;
  4. And the img to a max-width: 100%;

This did it for me. You can look at mine to see how I did it. I hope it helped.

Thank you guys for your feedbacks. They helped a lot. Looking forward to apply them!