Build a tribute page- feedback

Hello all

Please find attached my “build a tribute page” project on codepen.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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The only criticism I have is that your blue rectangles are distracting because you have them pulled to the right and pulled to the left while the rest of your structure is centered.

You don’t have to center your blue rectangles, but it does make it easier on one’s eyes when reading from top to bottom.

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That is something I pondered- my intent was to make something which resized elegantly to multiple screen sizes- also which would animate beautifully later.
Do you think it would be more user friendly if the words themselves were more centered and the rectangles remained relatively unchanged?

Thanks for taking the time to look at my project

No problem. I would suggest looking at other websites (try FCC) and see how the content centers on mobile screens. That action might give you the answer to your question.

Will do thanks again.