Build a Tribute Page - flexbox does not work

I would set up year to in the middle and content will on the right or left side. I tried flexbox, it does not work any idea what I should change.

Also at the bottom the links have no space, even I have space in the HTML, how I fix it?

thanks a lot for any help.


To achieve your desired layout you will first have to change the way you have nested your content div tags. First form pairs of associated div tags that have year and right class. Nest these two div tags within a div tag with class flex. Below is an example of how this must be done.
Note that this needs to done for all the associated div tags with year and right classes.
Next add the following css for the div with flex class. Also, correct the spelling of right class in the relevant div tag/s.

.flex {
 display: flex; 
 flex-direction: row; 
 justify-content: center;

This will result in the following change in layout.

After this add padding-left: 50%; to your .flex class css. This gives you the desired result.

To finish off you can adjust the padding of the right and year classes.
Hope this helps you.

thank you a lot for help :grinning:

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