Build a Tribute Page - hamburger menu for code testing does not appear

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I have completed my tribute page, but no hamburger menu appears, as it does on the upper left in the Borlaug example.

The hamburger menu brings up the test-suite selector and allows tests to be run, so without this, I cannot run tests – which I would like to do before submitting the page.

How can I get this menu to appear?


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You have to add :

<script src=""></script>

in your html file , in my case it’s always the first line of my html, I don’t know if it changes anything to put it at the end.

Thanks. That worked.

However, the Borlaug example does not contain this line, and it still exhibits the hamburger menu and can run tests. How come?

In code pen, go to your project, and click on settings. Go to javascript. You can add to the form at the bottom of the window.

Code pen emulates everything above the body tag for you so you don’t actually need them. You can just set it up in the settings of your pen.

Thank you. That script addition works, too, just as long as you don’t have @DwightMint’s code line in your html. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll stick with the settings solution, since the test infrastructure is not really part of the page itself and therefore is a bit out of place in the html.

Thanks for all your help,