Build a Tribute Page- I need some info

I have 2 questions before starting this project:

  1. " You can build your project by using this CodePen template and clicking Save to create your own pen."
    Well, opening this page and trying to save it, it seems I can’t save it with my nickname. I get the message that this nickname is already in use
    2." Fulfill the below user stories and get all of the tests to pass."
    Do I have to understand that I need to include a certain topic in the project or can I choose any topic I want?
    Is it about a tribute to someone (alive or not)?

You need to create a unique codepen profile on which you can build your projects/pens. Its not directly associated with the FCC site.
The subject of the project is very wide, you have great freedom of choosing on what to dedicate your page on. It can vary from people, to objects, animals and whatnot.

I advise you look on some guides on how codepen code works, as before you start work on your project, its good to become acquainted with the codepen mechanics

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Sylvant,thank you very much for your helpful answer.
What’s weird is that I have a nickname on freeCodeCamp and another nickname on CodePen. It seems that on CodePen my nickname icxc ( used on freeCodeCamp ) was already taken.

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