Build a Tribute Page - Img will not display

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My image will not show for some reason here. Its the only issue I am having so far. I may just be too tired and overlooking something simple. I have tried several links.

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<figure Ozzy Fig.1 - Ozzy
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Lol looks like it will display here however when I test in my browser it will not…

<figure><img src=" "/></figure>

do your tags look like that?

I’m having the same issue. I can’t get the image to appear for my Tribute Page.
Here is the code so far:

Pina Bausch (center) with her dancers at the Wiesenland show
I've inserted other links that have nothing to do with the subject and they've worked. But, I don't know what is causing the Pina Bausch image not to show. I'm thinking it might be the image itself. How can I get past this hurdle? Thanks!

Hey…did you solve your image problem?
I am having the same issue!

A lot of these issues tend to happen with linking to external images - often sites prevent hotlinking which will cause the image to not appear. Codepen and Imgur don’t work together either.

What makes it more confusing is that your computer will cache an image locally so you will see it for a period of time (until you restart your computer, for example).

Assuming your syntax is correct, it’s likely to be an issue like this, where the only fix is to find a different image hosted elsewhere.

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I’ve been building my tribute page, the test say that i have basically everything wrong.
Do you know what could be the problem? I’ve looked at sample and i seemed to have everything the same

Please send / post the link for it to be investigated

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