Build a Tribute Page Project Questions, Discussions, and Resources (January 2018 Cohort)

hi @narayan!

I really like your page; its clean and simple without being boring, and the brown background to your main picture echoes the brown of the mushroom gills nicely.

Your text is well-written, which I think is often neglected when designing webpages - a good balance of humour and seriousness.

You’ve packed a lot of information into a small space, without it being too dense.

My only real suggestions would be that:
i) I think you need white-space between your sections in the same way that you had a gap between your picture and main text.

ii) I think it would help for your lists to start from 1 in each benefits section instead of counting from 1 to 21 across them all (benefits to the skin 1, 2,3 … how mushrooms benefit the the hair 1, 2,3 etc)

iii) Maybe have your “life saver” text as a subtext under “Tribute to mushrooms”

iv) I think we need to avoid using bootstrap for the beta curriculum - see campers post further up the thread

Other than that, good job!

hi bro,
thank you for the review.

1.white space given (padding)
2.modified bulleting
3.Still like to have the “life saver” text as main title because its unique :slight_smile:
with cheers,

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Life getting in the way but finally got time to finish the Tribute page.

Not as good as I’d like, the info is interesting though.

Off to start the survey form in an effort to catch up.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the cohort.


Hey, just to let you know that I’m getting a 404 messages when I click on your link.

hi john, page not getting displayed.

Don’t know what happened there. Apologies here’s the link again.

Tribute challenge.j

Okay, it worked that time. I might a recommend making the containers in which you have your paragraphs a little bit narrower? I would set it to be the width of the image. That would make it look a little more put together.

Yes good idea. I’ll give it a go when I get a minute. :slightly_smiling_face:

Adding my tribute page to the list:

It was done few months ago before I even started with the beta, so its quite basic unfortunately.

What you guys think about this ?

Feedback Please

Hi guys! This my tribute page:

I’m still unable to find out what’s the problem with this:

  • The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.

If anybody can provide a lil help, would be awesome. Thanks!

i’ve been stuck in this as well. I know that they want the image to be resized with in the #img-div ( the parent)but I can only get it to resize properly with in the #img 9 ( the child)

Why are we being asked to use IDs like #main when we can just use the <main> tag?

Have you tried There are videos for c# not sure about c, but they do have videos for C++.

Linkedin bought it, so if you sign up for their membership the courses are free.

Usually 27.00 a month. Not sure if you’ll get the same level of detail.