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My code is good and passing the challenge no problem, but my problem or question as it would be better stated here has to do with the context of the page ignoring the code.

Am I expected to actually come up with original content to fill the page with in the context of a tribute page, or is that unnecessary and I can just turn in the project with any random text or image just to have the project completed and turned in?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Welcome there,

Well done, for getting the tests to pass!

You are absolutely welcome to just use random text and images. It is common to use Lorem Ipsum for mock applications.

It is entirely up to you, but I suggest personalising the project for yourself. Either think about who you plan to showcase this project to (if anyone). Or, just do something that appeals to you - a topic you are interested in.

Hope this helps

As I am currently hitting a dead-end when it comes to inspiration or a topic to build it around, and I don’t want to turn it in, just for it to fail due to the stuff that has nothing to do with coding.

It isn’t going to fail because of the arbitrary content. The only reason it would fail is if it doesn’t pass the user stories/tests.

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