Build a Tribute Page Questions, Discussion, and Resources (October 2017 Cohort)

Here’s our cohort schedule.

Reply with your questions, comments, and additional resources regarding the info presented in the Build a Tribute Page project.

You can edit this post, like a wiki, to help keep things organized and add resources and other information you want to share with others.

DEADLINE: 11/20/2017 11:59PM PST


Checklist for reviewing projects:

(Source: Codecademy)

  1. Does this project adhere to best coding practices? Is it well formatted and tidy?

  2. Is the HTML structure convoluted and unnecessarily nested? Are container elements used in a way that enhance overall page structure? In other words, does the student effectively use container elements to create a coherent structure without venturing into divitis territory?

  3. Does the stylesheet make good use of the cascade and classes to avoid redundancy in the CSS?

  4. Can the CSS or HTML be simplified?

  5. Are selectors too long (say greater than three elements) and does the student try to keep CSS specificity low?

  6. Are the relative paths correct?

  7. Are semantic tags being used correctly? Are deprecated tags being used?

  8. Are concise but descriptive alt attributes being used?

  9. Are semantic class names being used?

Finished Projects for Review

Please create a new forum topic and add the forum topic URL below. Also, if you add your project here, please try to review at least two other projects so everyone’s projects can get reviewed.


We have about 15 days until the deadline. If possible, submit your Tribute projects sooner rather than later so there will be enough time to review everyone’s projects. :sunny: If you’re having trouble with something, reply here so we can help.

Here’s a forum search if you need inspiration (or want to practice your project reviews).

This Topic also has a bunch of tribute project examples.

EDIT: The following two links are really important for writing valid HTML code. I figured I’d share them here (and I added them to the Resources section above) so everyone can see them:

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2-3 days left. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share that if you haven’t yet used the review checklist above to review a tribute project, I strongly recommend it. Each time I use that checklist (specifically the best practices link, I learn something new or reinforce a bit of learning I need to hold onto better.

There’s still time this weekend to share your tribute projects and review other people’s tribute projects. :sunny: