Build a Tribute Page-Responsive Web Design

Hello !
I have to do the first project of the Responsive Web Design certification and I have some questions to ask.

  1. Are we obliged to use Codepen, or is there a way to use Notepad++ for example ?
  2. Are we forced to write the text of our Tribute Page in english, or is it possible to write it in french ?
  3. The subject of our Tribute Page has it to be “Dr. Norman Borlaug”, as written in the example ? Or can we choose the celebrity we want ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !

You can use any editor you want but ultimately you will need to have this site online in some way… Which is why Codepen is suggested (personally I did the projects with visual studio code then put it on Glitch).

J’imagine que tu peux l’écrire dans la langue de Molière :wink:
Juste pense que la partie code sera probablement inspectée par quelqu’un qui parle anglais (pour le nom des classes, id etc).

The subject is your choice just follow the main idea of their website and the “user story”
Have fun !!

Hello zouris
I am happy to help you with your questions. I am also a beginner web developer as you :sweat_smile:
For the first question. It is recommended to use the Codepen, because of its ability to host your testing on their servers so that the instructors can see your testing.
For the second question, I think it is not necessary to write in English but you should respect the user story instructions.
For the third question, you can do any name that you want. Personally I have done my name :rofl: :joy:
I hope I have helped you with your questions

Thank you very much for your answers ! :slight_smile:
Both look like very kind !

I will maybe use Codepen and Notepad++. I also have Visual Studio Code, but I do not know yet use it.
Je compte bien respecter les consignes, et écrire l’ensemble du code en anglais. Mais ça m’arrangerait d’écrire le texte en français, puisque je suis française et que j’ai pas mal de difficultés en anglais. Mais s’il est préférable d’écrire en anglais, alors je le ferais.
As i have difficulties with English, I often use Google Translate and Wordreference.

Personally, I wouldn’t dare to do the project on myself ! But good idea ! :joy:

Hello again zouris
Je comprend la langue francaise puisque je suis marocain :morocco:. Comme j’ai dis, tu dois travailler avec Codepen pour envoyer ton travail à l’equipe de freeCodeCamp car Codepen offre la possibilité de mettre ton travail dans un URL. Apres tu peux mettre cet URL dans sa place pour valider ton challenge.
Courageeeee :call_me_hand:

Rebonjour !
Oui, j’ai bien compris que je devrais utiliser Codepen pour rendre le projet. Je disais seulement que j’utiliserais peut-être également Notepad++, au cas où pour voir le rendu, et plus de sûreté. :slight_smile:

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