Build a Tribute Page - Stephen Hawking

Hello guys.

It’s my first time here at the forum and I’m having a great time at FCC. It’s simply amazing and I’m looking forward to be an active member of the community.

Well, as my first project I created a Tribute Page for Stephen Hawking, the well-known physicist who died at 03/14/18.

It’s not my first web page though, since I’ve created other pages.

Here’s my CodePen link:

I accept any kind of critic. Tell me what you think :smiley:

PS: I used Scss too

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i simple love it, i had to learn to use scss, its look more clean. Very good job

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It looks good! There is just the white open space next to the picture that maybe you could do something with, maybe bring the text of the picture and the text closer together so the void will be filled with the text?

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Thank you so much for your opinion. I thought about filling it with more text, but it wouldn’t be really nice, a site full of text. Maybe I’ll increase the col number on Bootstrap.