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When i upload a copy of the source code of the example for the project i receive 20% completed. I have started the project myself and wanted to check if the percentage increases when completing individual objectives. Im under the assumption all the points have been attend and if not something is wrong with the code but after uploading I always receive 20% completion after submitting the project… I also tried with your link to the example but returns 20%. I’m wondering if the project is not completing for some reason.


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body {
text-align: center;

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

Dr. Norman Borlaug

Dr. Norman Borlaug, third from the left, trains biologists in Mexico on how to increase wheat yields - part of his life-long war on hunger.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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that’s not a grade or something like that, it is just your progress in the Responsive Web Design Projects section. You completed 1 of 5, so it is 20% completion of the section

to know if your project is completing you need to use the test suite and run it in the page you have buildt

for advices on how to get better you can open a topic in #project-feedback subforum

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I just finished the project objectives by adding the script of js into the website, i was able to verify its completed but it doesn’t completed in freecodecamp… :S

Included is the link to the project:

what do you mean that it doesn’t complete?

the bar does not go to 100%

It goes to 20% because you completed 1/5 projects so far,After the next one it will be 40% complete and after the 5th one it will be 100% complete.

the bar is your progress in the section. You completed 1 project in 5, so you completed 20% of the 5 projects.

To know if the project itself is complete you need to use the provided test suite and use it in codepen.

ohhhhhhhh! i see now. thanks!