Build a Tribute Page: User Story no.8

Hello. I am having a problem with completing my tribute page in the responsive web design project. I cannot yet full fill User Story #8:** The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size. Can anyone see why my code is not responsively resizing?

This is the link to the code:

Hello @DudeyRudey, welcome to the forum.

Why do you need the style tags inside your css file on code pen? Maybe look up when and where you need these tags. Good luck, you’re almost there.

Thanks for replying. I guess I don’t need the style tags in the css. When I remove the style tags however I get a different error in user story 2: The element should be centered within its parent element. This is the error message.

Image is not centered: expected 0 to be close to 1104 +/- 11

How would you go about centering an element in css? What would you need to do?

I think it is referring to centering within the html and not the CSS. It is saying that the element should be centered within the parent element (The element in the html). To me it does look like element is centered within the parent element. I guess my element isn’t centered within it’s parent element? I don’t understand what the error message means either.

Correct. You should center this element within its parent element.
CSS is used to style html elements. You should look up how to center elements in their parent elements with CSS.

There’s no such thing in coding wepages as <img-div>
That is wrong. remove it.

previous lessons taught you how to center image.
apply your fresh found knowledge, or remind yourself.

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