Build A Tribute Page

Hey just finisshed the project. Have a feeling my code is a bit messy. let me know what you think! my tribute page

I think the page looks pretty nice, good job.

Your CSS is fairly well organized and formatted, I wouldn’t say it is messy.

You have too many id selectors for my taste and I would suggest sticking to class selectors. It doesn’t really matter on a simple page but for complex sites, ids can cause issues with specificity. Better not to get into a bad habit of using ids for CSS, they really do not offer anything worth the trouble they can cause.

You didn’t close the first h2 element correctly which is actually causing everything after it to be inside an h2 element (you can see it in the dev tools).

The second h2 is causing an overflow on smaller screen sizes. You can use a media query to set smaller sizes or use a clamp function (or calc, min, max functions).

I would be careful about using all caps for all the text, some but not all. It will just make the text harder to read. Personally, I also never write text in all caps, if I want something to be in all caps I use a text-transform. I think you can improve the readability of the list text a bit. Proper case, less letter spacing, and some more line height. I’d prioritize readability higher than looks for such text.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. good info!

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