Build Environment for Dynamic Web Apps

Does anyone have some advice on getting setup and started on the final back end projects?

I’m on day 2 now trying to get webpack and react and babel and express and all of these things working together with a user authentication system… I was using react-starter-kit, which is awesome, but found it hard to implement a server on top of that. Are there any other boilerplate setups people have used?

I’m trying to get to the point of actually coding the application but finding it very hard to get there.

Hi, I haven’t used it, but maybe you can use this one. It seems to be a boilerplate with node and react.

Thanks for the replies @P1xt and @BenGitter. Basically I have all the individuals pieces but I’m struggling to get everything working together in a build environment. For example, I have an express server running and I can access a mongo database through this, but I can’t figure out how to get this wired up with webpack and react and everything so I’m rendering a react app instead of just a static index.html.

On the other end, I had used create-react-app to get a react app together with routing and user authentication which was all working, but then I got stuck because I couldn’t really figure out how to interact with a server on top of that.

If you’re using creat-react-app and then you should check out this article

It shows you how to React app integrates with API from Node backend and with code examples ^^

It is a better idea to separate your server side and client side apps. There is not much point using webpack for express actually as webpack mostly for front-end.

You’d be surprised. I develop now on Node 6+ and Heroku currently has Node 5. I transpile to ensure all my nice ES6 code works on Node 5.

Thanks for this. I am tempted to try a variation on this using Sails.JS as the backend for my first full-stack project in the next week or two!