Build personal portfolio responsive web design certification

Hello, I am from Colombia and I am learning web development. I have finished the five projects of the Responsive Web Design certification and I would like you to review my projects:

Thank you.

You are not really supposed to copy the example project, although as long as you are using your own code I guess there is nothing really wrong with doing so. I would suggest you try making your own project from scratch instead.

  • I would make the spacing between the rows and columns on the project grid more uniform, they don’t have to be exactly the same but I would suggest having less horizontal space between the projects.

  • Use object-fit: cover on the images to keep the aspect ratio.

  • Get in the habit of using classes instead of ids for styling, classes are less likely to cause specificity issues down the road.

Thank you very much for your advice @lasjorg . I’ll get right to it.