Build Random Quote Machine- issue with react-redux import

Hello campers!
I have completed the Random Quote Machine project using only React. Now I was integrating Redux in it. I added redux code into it. But my component wasn’t rendering. I then commented all of the redux code and still the component wasn’t rendering with only React . When I commented out the 'react-redux ’ import, finally my component got rendered again like before. I have checked the browser console and got two errors with the import statement but the I don’t have any idea what they’re about.

this is my code :

When you comment out the react-redux import , the component gets rendered.

If you have specific methods of react-redux like Provider, maybe try explicitly referencing it in the import. I do not think Codepen likes the * reference in the import statement.

Also, I would recommend deleting the external JS link to react-redux in the JS Settings to avoid conflicting with what you import in the JS code section.

Done that but still no luck.