Build Survey Form- Submit button help needed

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The survey builder is not letting me put a submit button on it and I have tried multiple codes in need of serious help. Getting very frustrated! Correct me if I am wrong please the codes I have used so far are listed below

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<button type="submit>

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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I have used three different codes but it didn’t show all of them

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you can share your codepen link , and recheck the code to make sure you close every tag you open

I figured it out. Literally after I posted this I tried one more time then got it but I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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nevermind… it went away after I added the text area again. I removed the text area before putting the submit button in then after I put it back in it deleted the submit button

its working now right

no all it seems to be doing is going away when I put the text-area in and showing up when I don’t have the text-area

send the codepen link

there is nothing in the codepen link u sent

I don’t know how not… it even does the same thing to me on my end… it doesn’t bring it up on a different tab. I really don’t know what to do…

you can copy and paste the link of codepen you are working on,make sure you pressed the save button

I did that… I copy and pasted the code I did. can I just send it here? or…

try saving then sending , then you can send here

once check the syntax of the submit button :
<button type="submit">text</button>

Yeah… I literally did everything I could to see if it would send the whole link and it didn’t

paste your code here

you used:

<input type="button" id="submit" .......</input>

here the syntax of both input and button are wrong

button syntax:

<button type="submit">this button submits the form</button>

input syntax:

<input type="text" >

type can take different values but submit is not one of them

I tried that already but will try again