Build the cat app , accidental code deletion

Hi everyone thanks again for your help last night, i managed to get all the way to exercise 64 and was entering the last part of the coding exercise when i accidentally deleted a number of line back to line 52, is there anyway of recovering my deleted lines, any help would be greatly appreciated

You can restart the step at any time to get back the original code for the step. It’s the little circular arrow icon button below the Check Your Code button.

The arrow said it will restart my entire lesson back to square 1?, i haven’t been saving my lessons just opening my laptop each day and crack on, how can i save future lessons to prevent something like this happening again please?

Ya, the warning message might not be as clear as it should be. When you reset a step you are only resetting that step, nothing else. So no need to worry about resetting a step.

Each step builds on the previous one, so there is really no need to save anything either. Everything you have done in the previous steps will always show up in whatever step you are currently on.

YEEEEEEEEEHAH, thanks so much!!! all sorted :wink:

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Did you read what I posted above?

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