Build Tribute Page Feedback

I would greatly appreciate feedback on my project. I am very new to HTML/CSS/Javascript so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to my codepen:

Well done ! Amazing you managed all that.

Now just a few things, just to make life easier in general:

  • put all your css in the CSS part (like you did for body).
  • careful with your css selectors. For example your code for body should look like this:
           border: 20px solid black;
```p{ font-family: something;
      font-size: something;

* As you can see you can set a border with just one line of code. 
* in the Html, after the `<style>` tag (now not necessary anymore since the CSS is in the right part), don't forget to put a `<body>` tag. This might not be necessary on Codepen but in your editor it would be.
* how about give your body some `padding-bottom` so we have some white space like at the top of the page? 
* you've got an `<i>` tag after "famous quotes" I don't see a reason for?

Thank you very much for your feedback! I implemented all your suggestions. The reason I have a after famous quotes was to italicize all the actual quotes.

duh, silly me :grin: I couldn’t see the closing tag… Great !