Build your own pc course


First of all, I :sparkling_heart: FCC and I am very enthusiastic about the new courses (calculus etc).

I hope that I have directed this message to the right channel, if not please tell me whom to contact.

I was wondering, you do not offer much on hardware. Would it not be interesting to make an ‘assemble your own pc’ kind of course?
Hardware remains very vague for me but the only way to consolidate any knowledge is to work with it and assembling a pc would be a great way to do that.
And maybe tie that in with maybe setting up your own os? On the one hand it would cost some money to get the challenges done, on the other, this kind of knowledge would save people money in the long run.

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the freecodecamp curriculum is focused on programming, I don’t think it will branch there

but I think that if it is proposed as article or video-tutorial it may be accepted


Thanks for the quick reply. I get it, it would not be simple either since there are so many different brands and versions. There’s a lot of scattered info out there but I can’t say how valuable it is until I try it out. Anyway, whether I meet with failure or success, the process will teach me a lot.


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I am interested in PC/hardware-related topics, but I do not see how such a course could be created which is even remotely similar to what freeCodeCamp currently has.

I agree, there could be a lot said/taught about topics around Setting Up an OS, and PC Hardware Fundamentals, and, in my opinion, I could see place for such within the freeCodeCamp ‘curriculum’ context…in the future.

Something to keep in mind, whilst freeCodeCamp as an organisation and community does hope and plan to grow, there is little-to-no scope to reach into topics like hardware, as this would spread the current freeCodeCamp staff too thin, which would, ultimately, decrease the quality of the content provided.

As it stands, the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel has been the source for a wide variety of content, and this only works through community contributions. However, majority of Campers do not want more content similar to what freeCodeCamp currently have with the Python content - videos walking through topics; majority of Campers prefer the in-browser editor/lesson styled content. The current Python content was released as a preamble for what is to come.

Let’s just put it like this: There are a lot of topics currently in the works for fCC, and there is a huge list of topics planned to be taught. PC hardware is far down the list

My 20 cents.

Here are some of the freeCodeCamp YT videos that might interest you:

Hope this helps

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Thanks you for the links and I agree, I prefer the inbrowser editor/lesson styled contents as well.I get immediate feedback and I enjoy adding points and see my accomplishments grow.
You’ve been guessing in the right direction, I managed to install ubuntu on a laptop and I enjoy this OS more and more. I will definitely check out the link about that.

The thing is, in a shop, you’re forced to buy windows and there’s a lot of technical info that doesn’t make sense or the info is not there. So even a little knowledge about processors is interesting and there is probably a lot more one should be looking out for when one buys a new computer. I don’t know enough about it to know what I should be asking and I always feel like a fool.

By the way, this is not about hardware, but since you’ve added this link about the internet, I’ve gone through part of the python curriculum and I found a link to a book on the internet written by Charles Severance. It’s excellent, filled in a lot gaps for me. There’s a corresponding free course on Coursera which adds a lot of interesting historical info, the book is more technical and I enjoyed that a lot. It’s freely downloadable, I had been looking for this kind of info for years, and there it was, just for the taking. (GitHub - csev/net-intro: Introduction to Network Technology)

Thanks again for the links and the interest you’ve taken,