BuildBox node issue

IDK if any of you happen to know BuildBox’s node mechanism ( input and outputs, all are built by javascript which can be editted if you need to code it ).

This is the default node code for “Get Variable”


let storage;

let variableName;

function init() {

variableName = this.attribute('Variable Name');

let storageType = this.attribute('Storage');

if(storageType == 'kEnt'){

storage = this.entity();

}else if(storageType == 'kSet'){

storage = Settings;



function signal(name, value) {

if (value) {

this.emitSignal('Value', storage[variableName]);



“Settings” is a helper class that saves data after the game is closed basically. How would I be able to emit a signal in the shape of a function? If in the attribute I put “getHealth” and log the signal, it will log the entire function ( which makes sense since it’s not getHealth() ) but if I use getHealth(), logging the signal output will give out undefined.