Building a Boilerplate-Make a fonts folder in your assets folder from here for all the font files

I did the following:
Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate
This looks much better. The three icons are now in the icons folder. Make a fonts folder in your assets folder from here for all the font files.

  1. Use the mkdir command

  2. Put the fonts folder in the client/assets folder

  3. Enter mkdir client/assets/fonts in the terminal

  4. Make sure you are in the website folder first

This is what I used:
codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project$ ls

freeCodeCamp learn-bash-by-building-a-boilerplate website

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project$ cd website

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website$ mkdir client/assets/fonts

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website$ ls

client fonts

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website$ cd client

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website/client$ ls

assets src

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website/client$ cd assets

codeally@c3edafe36700:~/project/website/client/assets$ ls

fonts icons images


I does not seem to want to give me or acknowledge credit, you know that blue crooked line. I cleared the cache in Chrome, restarted my laptop

You need to be in the website folder to call the command using the relative path